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Fishmore Hall Sustainability and Green Policy

Fishmore Hall understands its responsibility to minimise its impact on the environment and is committed to this at all levels of the business.

Green achievements

  • 90% of all lights are LED.

  • Reducing electricity, gas and water consumption and costs

  • Increased recycling

  • Reduced waste

  • All internal printing is printed on the back of scrap paper

  • Menus are available online

  • Registration cards are online

  • Introduced large volume dispensers to replace individual plastic bottles in over 50% of the site.

  • Spa footwear is recycled


Green Tourism attractions:



Under constant review


The spa building was designed in 2016 to be as green as possible.  The underfloor heating provided throughout is recycled from the heat provided by the sauna and steam room.  The windows and doors are triple glazed. 

Elemis, our chosen wellness brand, has a sustainability strategy to help drive long-term positive changes as a "responsible, ethical business".

Many gas appliances in the hotel kitchen have been replaced with alternatives. We use gas for heating, laundry and hot water.

We keep lighting in all public areas to a minimum overnight except for emergency lighting. We have replaced most lamps in all guest bedrooms and corridors with LED energy-saving bulbs and fittings.
To reduce the amount of water used, we have installed pressure-reducing systems, dual-flush cisterns and sensors for urinals.  Reduced towel washing notices in guest bathrooms
Waste Disposal
We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, cooking oil and food. We ask guests to help us by using the bedroom bins for recycling and the bathroom bins for general waste.

Food and drink
Where possible we use local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint.  We prefer to work with suppliers with strong green practices and fairtrade products.

We have installed electric car chargers to aid guests who are trying to cut down on air pollution with electric vehicles.  Off-Peak charging is recommended.

Grease traps are used throughout the kitchen and we have our own onsite biofficient treatment plant with output regularly tested and controlled by the Environment Agency.


All the windows are double-glazed, our roofs insulated.  The entire site is tested every 5 years and issued with an EPC to monitor energy losses.

Employee Welfare

Our biggest asset and resource is our team.  We provide training to our teams on our green policies but our employees are also a big resource.  Our employees are provided with tools and contacts for their own personal growth, health and wellbeing. 

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