''After the past five years at Fishmore Hall, the kitchen, the food and the collective goal has always evolved continually. The bizarre nature of the first half of 2020 has given us time to look at all aspects of what we do in more detail than ever before. The food going forward will be lighter, fresher and more intrinsically tied the seasons. Menus will be slightly smaller but change more frequently to ensure we use produce at its best and to ensure that the kitchen team can consistently deliver food we are proud of.''

Fishmore Hall, in Ludlow, Shropshire, is delighted to announce the appointment of Phil Kerry as Head Chef. Phil’s philosophy on dining at Fishmore is completely customer focused. In his own words “we listen, we provide what our guests want, and having won their trust in our abilities and standards, we can begin to excite.”

Phil has been a key member of the Fishmore Hall team for many years.  Originally employed as Sous Chef, his promotion to Head Chef was an obvious choice.  

His years of knowledge of what our guests want to see on the menus, what works, what doesn't means that his transition into the role was seamless.

Laura Penman, Owner of Fishmore Hall commented; ‘We are delighted that Phil has taken the lead in the kitchen. With his proven track record with menu planning and his interaction with the kitchen and restaurant team I have no doubt that this wealth of experience is ideal for the creation of exciting menus and unique experiences for our guests.’

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