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A 3-Course Meal, inspired by our menus, prepared by our chefs, finished at home...

It has been a funny year for all of us.  With each twist and turn, Fishmore Hall has adapted and tried to work with our local community to see what we can do to help out.

In 2020 we organised grocery collections  and opened as an off license for guests who were shielding until they found alternative long term solutions.  We donated fresh produce and equipment to local charities.

Now in 2021 and we are introducing Fishmore-At-Home.  A slightly more fun endeavor for our guests we hope.  An opportunity to spend some time in the evenings playing at being a professional chef.  However, it is supposed to be fun and so we've asked our chefs to do a lot of the hard work for you.

With dishes inspired by our menus, each week provides you with a new challenge to finish preparing a 3 course meal to enjoy in your own home...

What do you get?

Each week you will receive

A menu.

All of your ingredients, mostly prepared. 

A method card to talk you through finishing the meal.

Our Meal for Two is £49

With our off license we are also able to provide wine with your meal so we also have options to purchase either a bottle of "house" wine for an additional £10 per bottle or we have an option for handpicked wines that we think you might enjoy.  Finally, we know that many of you will be celebrating events quietly at home so we also have a Champagne option too.  

Our full wine list is also available and we are able to discount all of our wine up to as much as 50%.  Please email us with your request and we will confirm stock availability and discount.



This Weeks Menu

We have a dedicated page for each week with information, ordering information and a video.  All of our previous menus (and some of our upcoming menus) are listed under the Fishmore-At-Home tab.  Have a look through them and you'll get an idea of how much "chefing" there is to do.

Click Here to go to the 26th March Menu

Click Here to go to the 9th and 10th April Menu

Click Here to go to the 23rd and 24th April Menu

How to Order

Pre-ordering is essential. Please use our voucher portal to book and pay for your meal.

Due to the nature of our program, we have a limited number of meals per week.  Sadly we are not able to cater for specific dietary requirements at this time.


OR CALL 01584 875148


Sold Out?

Join our Fishmore-At-Home mailing list by emailing to get advanced sight of the menus.

How to Collect

Collection is on Fridays and Saturdays 12pm - 6pm.

Please call the mobile telephone number on your voucher or ring the doorbell at the front of the hotel.

Please note: We cannot accept cancellations or refund vouchers once they have been purchased.  Vouchers can not be used on any other weekend other than the weekend marked on the voucher.

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