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Whether it’s sipping a chilled glass of Champagne, enjoying a delicious dinner, lunch in Forelles restaurant or relaxing with a soothing spa treatment – however you experience Fishmore Hall, let us thank you each time you dine or spa with us.

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Thanks for using our loyalty card.  We hope you have been collecting plenty of stamps and enjoying your visits with us.

We will be making changes to our Loyalty card and swapping everyone over to our Treatcards.

Thanks to new software, we are now going to be able to reward our guests in all of the different departments at the hotel.

You’ll also receive exclusive birthday and member offers and be the first to hear of exciting news and special events.

What are your points worth?

Points can be spent in the following way…

Tea or Coffee – 55 points

Glass of Prosecco – 91 points

Bottle of House Wine – 350 points

Bistro 12 – 7pm – £1.00 off for every 15 points

3 Course Lunch – 483 points

3 Course ALC Menu – 770 points

Tasting Menu – 1050 points

Overnight stay BB (Sun to Thurs) – 1400 points

Please ask member of staff for more information.

How do you get more points? 

Points will be built up in the following way…


6 points for every £1 when dining on the lunch menu

1 point for every £1 (£5 on Saturday night) when dining on the 3 course ALC menu

1 point for every £1 (£5 on Saturday night) when dining on the Tasting menu

1 point for every £1 (£5 on Saturday night) when dining on the bistro menu

1 point for every £1 (£5 on Saturday and Sunday) when having our Afternoon tea menu

3 points for every £1 when dining on our Sunday Roast menu

1 point for every £5 spent on Accommodation

50 points for referring a friend to a Treatcard 


Points can also be built up and spent in the spa.  Please see the spa for details.

*This loyalty scheme operates at discretion of the hotel business and the hotels decision is final.

If you would like to be one of the first to know, then please sign up here. 

We just require your email address, first and last name and we will reply with your membership number.

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