The Hotel

Until October 2007, Fishmore Hall was virtually derelict but, as we pulled into the driveway, estate agents' details in hand, we knew that we could transform its splendid faded glory into something really special. The views alone made it worth it, with countryside stretching out from every window, and the towers of Ludlow Castle peeping up from behind the trees.

This was what we had been looking for - somewhere to create the type of hotel we would want to stay in, with luxurious rooms, indulgent bathrooms, and a menu that makes the very best of this very foodie part of the UK.

It took 22 weeks of banging, hammering and head scratching to create what Fishmore is today and we are thrilled with the result. We hope you'll agree that it has a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere, and the food? Well, we think we've exceeded even our expectations!